Our admissions process is outlined here and we look forward to receiving your application.

Welcome to Our Family

We’re delighted that you are considering Fonshin School for your child and family.

Choosing a kindergarten is not any easy task. Entrusting your child to someone else’s care is a major decision. So we’re keen to give you the clearest picture of what everyone here at Fonshin School is all about. We want you to have all of the most salient information that you require to make the right decision for your child and you.

Fonshin school is located in the heart of the Former French Concession and has one of the largest playground spaces in downtown Shanghai. The building is part of a large Spanish styled villa, built circa 1930’s and has a delightful character which feels like a ‘home away from home’.

In creating an environment that is familiar for our community of children, parents and staff; a secure and nurturing space, full of warmth and happiness, in which children can flourish, extend themselves and enjoy a wonderfully positive school experience. Natural curiosity and a desire to learn are fostered and encouraged through creative and stimulating activities and each child is allowed to develop at his/her own pace so that individual strengths and talents may be extended.

During these essential years, Fonshin aims to promote independence, confidence, motivation and consideration for others, and to provide a sound grounding from which children may meet the challenges of the next stage of their school journey.

Embarking on the admissions process is the first step in what will be a wonderful beginning of learning, making friends and stepping confidently into the real world. We know that families have a wealth of choice for selecting early learning institutions in Shanghai and we at Fonshin would be thrilled to be part of your journey together, walking hand-in-hand, step by step.

2023~2024(English Section)

The student’s fee is approved  by the government

FEP(PK1  2yrs~3yrs)
10800 RMB / month
  • Food:  25 rmb/day

  • Miscellaneous: 1000 rmb/semester

10800 rmb / month
  • Food:  25 rmb/day

  • Miscellaneous: 1000 rmb/semester

Extra services
Non-mandatory / month
  • After School Class
  • School Bus : 1000 rmb/Month