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We provide learning content and experiences for children aged 2-6

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Welcome to Fonshin, a vibrant and forward-thinking school which is dedicated to a culturally inclusive and well-rounded education environment. Founded as a bilingual school in 2004, Fonshin offers two distinct streams of learning; English section and French section.

We serve the preschool education thought of “respect, cooperation and expression”!
The child’s mind is not a container to be filled, but a torch to be ignited,Light up the hearts of children and let them ignite the power to change the world.


Small School, Big Family

Our warm and friendly campus provides an ideal learning environment with a myriad of first-rate facilities, aimed at fostering a strong sense of community and wellbeing amongst all our students, families and faculty members.

Unrivalled playground space in central of Xuhui District, Shanghai,
far beyond any similar schools

More than 1600 M2 of outdoor activity areas

Main Playground

A place of fun for kids

We have four outdoor playgrounds of different functions and sizes to meet the needs of children in school activities

Front Playground

Garden Playground

Nursery Playground


Multifunctional Hill

Classroom for FEP

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions, you can contact us by email, phone or WeChat, we are more than happy to hear from your family

Can we transfer from another school to Fonshin?2023-02-17T11:28:31+08:00

Yes. We accept transfer students, along with a school reference from their current or previous institution.

Does the school offer in house medical checks?2023-02-17T11:28:06+08:00

In line with the health bureau, Fonshin offers periodic health exams. Any feedback is given directly to our parents.

Do children require a body check before attending school?2023-02-17T11:27:43+08:00

All new students require a body check, from a local community hospital. The validity period is within one month.

Does Fonshin run a PTA?2023-02-17T11:27:14+08:00

Yes we do. Parents are eligible to join when the school holds its class elections, on an annual basis. Each class may elect 2-3 members to join the PTA.

Are there any opportunities for parents to be involved in the classroom/school (as a volunteer, chaperone for field trips, etc.)?2023-02-17T11:26:36+08:00

We welcome and encourage active participation in the kindergarten and throughout your child’s education.

How does Fonshin ensure the safety of our children?2023-02-17T11:26:04+08:00

Our school is fully equipped with security systems, safe arrival programs and a secure playground area. Full time security guards and two nurses and faculty staff who are trained in First Aid.

What are the fees for Kindergarten?2023-02-17T11:25:40+08:00

All fees are displayed in our tuition page.

Does Fonshin offer a full and half-day kindergarten?2023-02-17T11:25:15+08:00

Full-day kindergarten is offered from Monday to Friday. PK1 classes are given the option of half-day attendance. Furthermore, Fonshin is open on Saturday’s (times may vary, speak to our admin team for further information).

My child has religious preferences, does this have any effect on their chances of enrolment?2023-02-17T11:24:39+08:00

Not at all, applications are treated equally and fairly.

My child has certain allergies, will this affect their enrolment?2023-02-17T11:23:57+08:00

Allergies are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. On the whole, most allergies the school can accept therefore, this should not be a major issue for prospective families.

What do my children eat whilst at school?2023-02-17T11:23:25+08:00

Fonshin students eat three meals per day: breakfast (fruit), lunch (soup, main course & desert), afternoon Dim Sum including both Chinese and Western snacks.

How many school field-trips does Fonshin offer?2023-02-17T11:23:00+08:00

Depending on the weather, Fonshin will offer one to two school trips a month. Outdoor activities include half-day hikes, spring and autumn tours and exhibition hall visits etc.

Where are Fonshin’s foreign teachers from?2023-02-17T11:22:33+08:00

We employ native English teachers from: UK, USA, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand.

What time does the school day begin and end?2023-02-17T11:22:01+08:00

Normal school hours are from: 08:00-15:30, after school service is until 16:40.

What is the proportion of English-Chinese lessons?2023-02-17T11:21:12+08:00

Students at Fonshin School receive English lessons for the majority of the day, with Chinese lessons taking up a minority of the daily schedule.

How many children are there in one class?2023-02-17T11:20:12+08:00

Class sizes are capped at 25 students, which includes 2 foreign teachers, 1 Chinese teacher and a life-skills teacher.

At what age can my child attend school?2023-01-30T09:03:09+08:00

From 2 years old.

What are the eligibility criteria for entering kindergarten?2023-01-30T09:04:26+08:00

Eligibility is based upon your age, physical health, hukou, visa, HK, TW, Macao travel permit and school administered interviews.

From which age are students eligible for the school bus?2023-01-30T09:05:42+08:00

Typically, this is from PK2 class, which is equivalent to three years of age. All children must be able to wear their seatbelts fully and safely.

What is the school buses radius?2023-01-30T09:06:43+08:00

The school bus serves most of downtown Shanghai with a radius of approximately 6 km.

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