English Section

Fonshin School offers a holistic curriculum which combines IB PYP, Big Day (US) and the Chinese National Curriculum (CNC) alongside additional curricula designed to stimulate a learning environment that is both aspirational and inclusive for our pupils.

Taught by native English teachers, Fonshin pupils are eligible to join from two years old and study full-time until they reach the age of six. In addition to our mainstream curriculum, we place great emphasis on mathematics, arts, music and sports, which form an integral part of our learning philosophy.

• IB PYP Inquiry-based courses (integrated with Big Day & the education bureau’s reccomended syllabus)
• Featured courses (Maths, Sciences, Arts)
• Multi-ability courses ( Singing, Basketball, Drama, Pre-Prep training)





Immersive English environment & Cross-cultural pedagogy

• Multicultural themes originating from California
• 8 Main subject areas for progressive teaching
• Interactive learning utilizing audiovisual media through PYP exploration

•Evan Moor’s grammar series from USA
•Standardized reading and writing. Teaching of graded grammar
PK2 100 knowledge points
K1 100 knowledge points
K2 100 knowledge points
•Collaborative oral communication, interactive reading & writing learning

•Evan Moor’s spelling series, originating from USA
•Comprehensive teaching of spelling & writing of graded letters, words and sentence patterns.
PK2 100 knowledge points
K1 100 knowledge points
K2 100 knowledge points
•Situational phonics game-style learning

We provide learning content and experiences for children aged 2-6

Daily varied sports and activities can be carried out in different functional areas.


Combining physical exercise with multiple disciplines to accommodate children’s healthy growth.

Provide plenty of exercise time every day, so that children can be full of enthusiasm for learning and cultivate lifelong sports habits. Children’s athletic ability is one of the focuses of the school.

Taught by specialized teachers who excel in various areas such as kung fu, basketball, roller skating, dance, taekwondo, tennis, and more, this program utilizes a progressive training approach tailored to different levels of proficiency in order to enhance participants’ specific athletic abilities.